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Experience total relaxation and enjoy an ergonomic design that makes getting in and out of the bathtub safe and easy. Introducing the no threshold Assisto bathtub with vertical door.

Discover the Assisto bathtub with door

Assisto. The bathtub with door designed for your well-being

To address your needs

The bathroom should be a place that inspires relaxation, a place where you can find peace of mind and forget all your worries. The no threshold Assisto bathtub with vertical door is designed to allow you to safely enjoy these well-deserved moments of escape.

  • Options ensuring comfort and total relaxation
  • Unique features that maximize well-being
  • Ergonomic design for safe access to the bathtub
  • A lightweight and easy-to-use vertical door

Ideal for an adapted bathroom

Assisto is the safest and most comfortable bathtub with door on the market. The chair-height bathtub makes it easily accessible, allowing for simple entry and exit, and reducing the risk of falls. Its ergonomic features play a role in creating an adapted bathroom offering increased autonomy and dignity.

Discover the Assisto bathtub with door

Several optional features to optimize comfort

The options available for the Assisto bathtub with door are designed to replicate the comfort, relaxation, and unparalleled pleasure of therapeutic bathing.

Heated backrest

The heated backrest, designed to provide immediate relaxation and well-being, will bring you the ultimate resting experience.

Air jets

Discover the pleasant sensation of being enveloped in a cushion of bubbles as you experience optimal relaxation while maximizing its therapeutic effects.


Create a relaxing ambience, and enhance your experience by taking advantage of the beneficial effects of colours on your body and mind.

A bathtub for those in search of comfort

The Assisto bathtub with door has unique features that make it the ideal bathtub for an adapted bathroom and for offering increased autonomy and dignity to aging people and those with reduced mobility. It has also been designed to allow you to relax in total comfort, providing you with an optimal relaxation experience in your own home.

Aging population

Your daily bath is your moment of relaxation and privacy. Continue to enjoy it safely with the Assisto bathtub with door.

People with reduced mobility

The ease of access of the no threshold Assisto bathtub with vertical door allows for increased autonomy, making it an ideal element of a bathroom for people with reduced mobility.

Larger people

The Assisto bathtub's generous width and zero-gravity vertical door make it easier for the largest of people to get in and out, giving them increased comfort and dignity.

Caregivers and home care staff

The Assisto bathtub with door improves the relationship between patient and caregiver, provides a more pleasant and comfortable bathing experience, and reduces the risk of falls. This is due in part to its height, which meets North American accessibility standards, and many other safety features.

Discover how Assisto can help you

Assisto also offers solutions adapted for institutions such as CHSLDs, hospitals, and nursing homes. Visit our Institutions section to learn more.

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Technical specifications for professionals

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Assisto for institutions

CHSLDs, hospitals, and residences for seniors or persons who are non-autonomous can improve working conditions, the relationship between patient and caregiver, and reduce the risk of accidents for employees while improving the comfort, safety, and dignity of beneficiaries.

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