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Installation video

Installation Steps Index

0:00 Introduction 1:01 Validating the placement of the bathtub 1:49 Unpacking the bathtub 2:06 Installation of the electrical box and drain 3:30 Installation of the lower section 4:01 2-in-1 drain and silencer installation 4:22 Leak test 4:31 Affixing the rear 4:48 Installation of the upper section 5:57 Door preparation 6:25 Fastening of wall anchors 7:26 Installation and connection of the quick drain 9:04 Connecting the top and bottom connectors 10:31 Connecting the pipes between the upper and lower sections of the bathtub 12:01 Connecting to the plumbing network 12:49 Electrical connection 13:00 Functionality tests 14:22 Installing the wall cladding 15:19 Floor finishing 15:39 Installing the front trim 16:37 Finalizing installation

Installation guide

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