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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page answers many of the questions we are asked about the Assisto bathtub. Still not finding the information you are looking for? Please contact us. Our Customer Service Department will be pleased to help you.

You can buy it directly from us or find a retailer near you by visiting the find a retailer page.

You can find the serial number written below the Assisto logo attached to the top of the filler spout. If the logo is no longer on your bathtub, the serial number appears with a bar code, under the front cladding, in the upper right corner when you are facing the bathtub.

If we are able to trace the date of sale of your product through your bathtub serial number, we may not require it. If it is required, you can contact the store that sold you the bathtub to obtain a copy of it.

You can consult our specific warranty page for complete information.

The Assisto bathtub comes standard with a neck pillow, a high-flow thermostatic valve, an integrated hand shower, a quick evacuation kit, and a starter cleaning kit (sanitizer).

It is possible to purchase a cleaning (sanitizer) kit by contacting us.

No, when you decide to add an option, the three available options are automatically added: heated backrest, air jets, and chromotherapy lights.

No, this is not possible because the comfort options must be installed on the product at the production plant.

View the documentation section and the video on how to operate the Assisto bathtub numeric keypad.

View the documentation section and the video on how to operate the Assisto bathtub door.

The water drains through our patented drain and empties into a lower basin. Once the water is in the lower basin, it drains normally through the existing piping system.

No, your bathtub is made for the safety of your home. The lower tank is equipped with several sensors checking for water presence and drainage efficiency. In the event of a loss of drainage efficiency, your bathtub will not allow for a bath to occur and will recommend that you call a plumber to unclog your drain

No, the door seals as soon as there is water in the tub and can be opened only when the water is drained, which takes less than 15 seconds.

The Assisto bathtub controller is equipped with an emergency power supply, allowing you to continue your bath in case of electrical fluctuation. if the power outage is maintained continuously for over 1 minute, a countdown will be displayed on the screen to show you the time remaining to rinse before the water is drained. It will also be possible at any time to empty the bathtub normally using the keyboard.

Yes, by using the manual drain located at the end of the bath.

We have taken all possible measures so that this does not happen, this is why we have added for your safety the SOS button on the keyboard, it works on a circuit independent from the rest of the system, it allows you to evacuate quickly in case of system failure or discomfort.

It is normal that the water cuts off at certain times, such as during the sealing process, in order to maximize the speed of the sealing process. If the lower tray detects the presence of a certain level of water, you must wait for the water to be drained through the drain of your residence. Pictograms will appear on the screen to indicate this.

If you wish, you can count on the services of Assisto certified installers.

Yes, as long as the pressure of the water supply stays between 40 psi and 100 psi. A water softening system may also be required depending on the type of water supplied by your well.

Cleaning is easily done with a soft, non-abrasive product for cleaning acrylics. A reminder will appear on the bathtub display when a lower tub sanitizing treatment is required. The treatment takes only 5 minutes. Refer to the user guide for all the details.

Yes, it is possible to receive the Assisto bathtub in most cities in Canada and the United States. Contact our Customer Service department for more information.

Yes, the seat of the bathtub is 19″, like most conventional wheelchairs and chairs, so if your condition normally allows you to transfer, it will be easy for you to go from chair to bathtub and vice versa.

Yes, the Assisto bathtub has a two-level door, the lowest level allowing for someone to easily help a person with a loss of autonomy or a young child during the bathing process.


  • One of the biggest obstacles to staying at home is falls among seniors.
  • The most high-risk place in the home and where falls are most serious is in the bathroom.
  • 20% of falls at home among seniors unfortunately result in loss of independence and a move to a senior's residence or hospital.
  • The average annual cost in a private senior's residence is $15,000.
  • It is imperative that you renovate and adapt your bathroom if you wish to remain at home.

Assisto - Is the Assisto bathtub for me?

Is it your goal to stay in your own home for as long as possible?

Is the following criteria important when taking a bath?


Is the following criteria important when taking a bath?

Comfort and relaxation.

Is the following criteria important when taking a bath?


Is the following criteria important when taking a bath?

Reduced risk of falls

Is it important for you not to be cold after a bath?

Is the following criteria important when taking a bath?


Is the following criteria important when buying a bath?

Installation of the product within 48 hours

If you answered yes to the majority of questions, the Assisto bathtub is for you. The Assisto bathtub is an innovative and unique new product on the market that meets all the advantages mentioned (reduces falls in the bathroom, safest product on the market, offers comfort and relaxation, helps you to maintain dignity and autonomy, and is easy to use).

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