Larger people

The Assisto bathtub with door's ergonomic design and dimensions make it easy for larger people to access the bathtub and improve their comfort.

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A more functional bathtub for larger people

The no threshold Assisto bathtub contributes to the well-being of larger people by offering a comfortable bathing experience that is perfectly suited to their specific needs.

Safe and well-thought-out access

  • The vertical door of the Assisto bathtub offers a large opening for better access to the bathtub.
  • The height of the bathtub meets North American accessibility standards and allows for an easier transfer.
  • No steps are required to get in or out of the bathtub, reducing the risk of falls.

Relaxation and pleasure

  • The width and overall dimensions of the Assisto bathtub with door allow larger people to enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience.
  • For total relaxation, you can add the group of options consisting of the heated backrest, air jets, and chromotherapy to experience a therapeutic bath in your own home.

Autonomy and dignity

  • The ergonomic design and overall dimensions of the Assisto bathtub allow larger people to have a bath in a horizontal position, just like in a conventional bathtub.
  • Easily accessible controls allow the user to be more independent and therefore provide more privacy and dignity.

Ideal for an adapted bathroom

Assisto is the safest and most comfortable bathtub with door on the market. The chair-height bathtub makes it easily accessible, allowing for no threshold entry and exit without stepping over anything, and reducing the risk of falls. Its ergonomic features play a role in creating an adapted bathroom offering increased autonomy and dignity.

Discover the Assisto bathtub with door

Several optional features to optimize comfort

The options available for the Assisto bathtub with door are designed to replicate the comfort, relaxation, and unparalleled pleasure of therapeutic bathing.

Heated backrest

The heated backrest, designed to provide immediate relaxation and well-being, will bring you the ultimate resting experience.

Air jets

Discover the pleasant sensation of being enveloped in a cushion of bubbles as you experience optimal relaxation while maximizing its therapeutic effects.


Create a relaxing ambience, and enhance your experience by taking advantage of the beneficial effects of colours on your body and mind.

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